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Student Notices


Effective immediately, the CIS Department is implementing a new, more flexible policy for graduate students wishing to take CIS classes.  Although we still consider prerequisites essential to maintaining a world-class degree program, the Department is now willing to entertain waiving certain prerequisites with sufficient and documented industry experience.  The Department needs at least one month prior to the start of a semester to verify the validity of the documentation presented by the student.  Waiver of prerequisites DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A REDUCTION IN THE CREDIT HOURS NECESSARY FOR GRADUATION.  Although a student may waive out of a prerequisite course, the student must still take another course in its place to gain the necessary credit hours required by the Georgia Board of Regents for a particular degree.  Prerequisite waivers may be obtained by submitting the petition to the Academic Program Director of the CIS Department.

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program has been completely redesigned. 

The new curriculum for our Master of Science in CIS will go into effect in the Fall of 2005.  The curriculum  currently listed in our catalog is still used for students entering our program in the Spring and Summer semesters of 2005.  After which, students may opt to change to the new curriculum or remain with the one in which they started.  Complete information on the new curriculum and conversion charts may be found at:

David S. McDonald, Ph.D.
CIS Department
Academic Program Director

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