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Free Books for Our Students
Ok, its old news, but our graduating seniors didn't think we did enough to publicize in our classes the ebooks program at the library. Its a valuable resource available to GSU students: Books 24x7 (available through the Pullen Library website).  The link to the ebooks page is  Books 24x7 is available off campus using the school's proxy server... all students need are their "barcode" number (on their school ID card) and their last name to access the books from home.  Books are available for online viewing only and the books themselves cannot be printed.  Content from CDs included with the "real" books is also available in most cases.
The site has a WIDE selection of technical books from "publishers such as MIT Press, O'Reilly, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Que, Sams, Sybex and Wiley."  Michael England, one of our soon-to-be alumni, says "I've been able to access these resources for FREE... in the past I've had to purchase similar books at $30-70 each!  If this information could be disseminated to the students and faculty, I think it would be very valuable!"

Best Selling Author?
You bet. Mark Keil's article (together with Ramiro Montealegre) made the best seller list for Sloan Management Review reprints. Indeed it ranked second in their top-ten best sellers for the academic market. The article, "Cutting your losses: Extricating your organization when a big project goes awry," was published in Vol. 41, No. 3, Spring 2000, pp. 55-68. In addition, This article was translated into German and republished in Harvard Business Manager in June 2000.

CIS Grows to Four Labs
The department has won funding for three proposals to expand the technology support for students in our classes.  Rod Padilla led a successful proposal for funding for our Active Learning Classroom for CIS (CS100), 95,100, helped by Roy Johnson and Therese Viscelli.  Carl Stucke was sucessful in further funding the CIS Student Security Lab funded for 16,996.  Rod was also success in proposing the CIS Student Computing Virtual Laboratory funded for 115,082, helped by Vijay Vaishnavi and Bala Ramesh.  This success expands CIS to four labs:  The Brainlab, the security lab, the virtual lab, and the Learning Classroom.  Melody Moore is the CIS Labs faculty coordinator.

The impact of the Active Learning Classroom will be a 55-seat student-workstation-equipped classroom for which CIS has priority, and enables large classes like our CIS 2010 to operate with student workstations during classes.  The impact of the virtual lab is our ability to create a special purpose CIS lab in any classroom equipped with student workstations, running such limited license software as SAS Dataminer, Groupsystems, and Rational.

Senn Wins Instructional Innovation Grant
Jim Senn's proposal, "Engaging the Single Path Challenge in Core Courses: The Impact of Instructional Technology on Individualized Learning," has won one of only three Instructional Innovation Grants awarded by the RCB Faculty Development Committee for this summer. Congratulations Jim!

Second CIS'er Chalks up SREB Scholarship
Nannette Napier has joined Adrianne Davis by winning a Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) scholarship.  This prestigious award has been won in a wide regional competition across the southern part of the US.  Congratulations Nannette

Internship Update
Edward Sudjatmiko
, our new CIS Internship Coordinator, will start his new position with us on January 10th, 2005.  Congratulations, Edward!  Students wishing internships will eventually meet Edward.  However, the starting point for these students is to register on our Internship Web site.  Simply follow the link found at:

Currently, Georgia Pacific and Earthlink are providing internship experiences to our students.

Vaishnavi's Design Research Page Goes On-Line
Vijay's ISWorld design research is now linked to the ISWorld home page under Research Methods! Please visit the site:

The page shows Georgia State University and University of Nevada, Reno as sponsors.  More fame, kudos and GSU leadership in the CIS field. 

CIS Offers Georgia Pacific Offshoring Seminar
Drs. Ramesh and  Baskerville presented to a group of execs the preliminary results of research that align principles from agile software development, knowledge economics, and offshoring capability.  The goodwill seminar was offered as part of GaPac's membership in our affiliates program and was strongly applauded by the participants (which included CIO James Dallas).  We are continuing to press forward with a fledgling faculty internship program with this company. 

Where the Heck *are* The CIS Tutors?
Room 822.  Our neighbors on the eight floor are politely complaining about lost students who have been directed rather vaguely by our faculty and staff to the "8th floor"  "Room 821" "Room 828" etc.  We are improving the signage, but it would help if we give them better directions.  Just remember:  its across from the water fountain!  (And as always, the schedule and other details are on our website.)

Saif Al Shaki Gift to the Department
One of our alumni has donated to the department a lovely gift of a King's silver display plaque in appreciation for his great instruction!  The plaque is on display in Dr. Mark Keil's office.

McDonald Joins Microsoft Advisory Board
Dr. Dave McDonald is one of sixteen national faculty chosen by Microsoft as a member of the Microsoft Academic Advisory Board!  This appointment is significant for the department given the large number of computer science and information systems departments that are affected by the recommendations of the board.  The board's purpose is to help define the direction Microsoft will take in the Academic marketplace in the years to come.

Spears Too!
Microsoft is impressed enough with our talented CIS folks that we have TWO representatives on their Academic Advisory Board.  Samantha Spears serves on the board as the representative of AIS (along with representatives of ACM, IEEE, etc.).  Congratulations Sam!

Vaishnavi Elected Treasurer of WITS
Congratulations to Vijay on his election to a three-year term as treasurer of WITS from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2006.  The other executive officers will include President Carson Woo and Vice President/Secretary Amit Basu.  WITS (Workshop on Information Technologies & Systems) is annually organized to promote discussion and interaction among researchers and practitioners interested in the development and utilization of cutting-edge Information Technologies and Systems.  It includes paper presentations, panel sessions, tutorials, industry sessions, and technology demonstrations.  Presented papers are published in a proceedings distributed at the workshop.  Selected WITS papers are solicited for journal publication.

EJIS Finds a New “Co-home” at GSU
The Operations Research Society has announced that our Department Chair, Richard Baskerville, will join Ray Paul and Bob O’Keefe as co-editor of EJIS.  The journal, published in cooperation with Palgrave, has been ranked in some surveys just under MISQ and ISR in terms of quality IS journals.  Richard applauds the dedication of his co-editors toward moving EJIS forward toward equal footing with these other top journals in quality and ranking.

Speaker’s Bureau Enlivening CIS Classes
Adrianne Davis shares her delight at having John Lhota (a visitor arranged for her by Dr. McDonald) join her CIS 2010 class.  John spoke with students “about the myriad of roles that he has had throughout his career and inspired insightful questions from students regarding life and IT security.”  Adrianne continues, “I think that the students really appreciated hearing his experiences and I appreciated his credible reinforcement of class topics as well as providing an update on the latest trends in IT security.  I hope that we may continue to offer such opportunities for our students.”  The speakers bureau is available to all CIS instructors wishing to enliven their students' classroom experience.

US News and World Report again ranks the CIS Department Amongst Nation's Best
For 2003, the top ten CIS programs in the nation are:
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
2. Carnegie Mellon U.
3. U. of Texas-Austin (McCombs)
4. University of Arizona (Eller)
5. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Carlson)
6. U. of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
7. Stamford University (CA)
8. University of Maryland- College Park (Smith)
9. New York University (Stern)
10. Georgia State University (Robinson)

Dr. McLean Named "Educator of the Year"
The Association of IT Professionals have named Dr. Eph McLean as its “Educator of the Year.”  This is high praise from a national organization of 9000 members, largely practitioner.  Congratulations, Eph!

Dr. Senn Also Honored
Dr. Jim Senn has won the 2003 RCB Faculty Recognition Award for Teaching.  Jim won last year’s award for service, and this is only the second time that an RCB faculty member has won outstanding recognition awards two years in a row.  Congratulations, Jim!

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