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MSDNAA Access Procedures


If you are currently enrolled in a CIS course and you wish to download Microsoft software available from MSDNAA, please login at http://msdn.e-academy.com/elms/Storefront/Home.aspx?campus=gsu_cis and follow the instructions . Here's what the login page looks like. Select the "Your Account" tab to login.




Enter your username and password in the fields shown below.


Password Reminder

If your username and password did not work or you did not receive the MSDNAA email giving your password and other information, please try the "Forgot your password!" link below the Sign In box. Remember that your MSDNAA username is your CampusID@student.gsu.edu .  For example, if your Campus ID (shown as Identifier in the screen below)  is jsmith193, then your MSDNAA username is jsmith193@student.gsu.edu.  So, enter your CampusID@student.gsu.eduClick submit  and the password will be sent to your email address.  Here's what the Password Reminder page looks like.


Enter Email to receive password reminder.


If you do this and you do not get an email reminding you about your password, check your junk mail folder. Sometimes the MSDNAA emails are perceived as spam.  If you cannot find this MSDNAA email, then send an email request for assistance to MSDNAA_SUPPORT@cis.gsu.edu.


Also, for additional downloads or any other type of MSDNAA technical support, please send an email request for assistance to MSDNAA_SUPPORT@cis.gsu.edu.


Thanks!  MSDNAA is a wonderful resource so please take full advantage of this CIS student privilege!



Computer Information Systems Department

35 Broad Street | Robinson College of Business | 9th Floor | Atlanta | Georgia 30302

 404 - 413 - 7360


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