Using WebCT (and more) ( 09/15/2009)

Logging on

To login to the course in WebCT Vista, follow these instructions.

Reading and posting to a forum in the bulletin board

  1. From the home page in WebCT, select "Form Groups"
  2. Select the message you want to see.
  3. Respond to the message by selecting "Create Message".

Publishing your team's work before each class

To publish your team's work before each class session:

  1. Create the content of your team's work with a word processor or HTML editor.
  2. From the home page in WebCT, select "General Security and Privacy Discussion"
  3. Create a message with your team's name if there is not one.  To publish files in your team's area, create a message with the assignment name in as a reply to your initial team message and attach your work to this message.

Joining vClass (synchronous discussion)  (Additional instructions will follow shortly.  See first session's presentation.)

Joining WebCT chat (synchronous discussion)

  1. From the home page in WebCT, select "Chat".
  2. Select "Class Chat Room (use for class sessions)".
  3. If you get a “servers are down” error message, you may be behind a firewall.  If it is a personal firewall or NAT "Router", open TCP/IP port 4445 and you'll be set.  However, if it is a firewall maintained by a business you will have to ask the network administrator to open this port.
  4. To exit chat, select "Quit". Exiting without 'quitting' causes a phantom login to be generated.
  5. To enter a message, click on the message line (at the bottom of the window), type the message, and press return to post the message. The message will appear in the box above the message line.

Abiding by the following conventions during class discussion will make the thoughts easier to follow:

  1. When you want to respond to a comment made earlier but don't want the comment assumed to be part of the current discussion, preface your comment with "re subject" or "re author:"
  2. When you want to indicate that you have more to say on the subject, end your comment with "...cnp" where "cnp" stands for continued next post.

Viewing group work and WebCT discussion logs

To view all the teams' work and the discussion logs:

  1. From the home page in WebCT, select "Presentations".
  2. In the description column, select " CIS 8680 Group Sample:” or the topic that you wish to see.
  3. Select the team work or log that you want to see.

Chatting in WebCT while viewing web pages

To chat while viewing web pages or team work in WebCT:

  1. Resize the chat window to make it live on the right hand half of the screen.
  2. Start another browser to view web files or use another copy of WebCT to view group work; resize the browser window to make it live on the left hand half of the screen.
  3. Start other browsers or programs as needed and resize their windows.

Microsoft Conferencing Server (not currently available but may be when you try)

We will also be using the Microsoft Conferencing Server (related to NetMeeting).

  1. Visit .  Read the page.
  2. Select List Conferences from the vertical menu on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select the CIS Data/Video Conference Room.  You do not need to login at this time.
  4. If you see a message saying Altamaha wishes to join, please click yes.
  5. Some of your presenters will use audio and, perhaps, video.  This will be done within this conference server.
  6. You may need to install some browser plugins for this software to work.

Recovering after losing connectivity

For directions for what to do when you lose connectivity during class sessions, see (To be supplied)….