Course Schedule 
(revised March 28, 2012)

Course Syllabus <==(go here for the syllabus details)

Session Topic & Lecture Readings Deliverable
W- Feb. 22

The Digital Age and Global Competition

Introduction and course orientation
Deliverable details:
1) EndNote software introduction
2) Compare/Contrast tables
3) Project team formation

'Trans' vs 'multi'-nationality and virtual work

Business Processes Perspectives

A Business Process Perspective



Read before 1st class:

BOOK: "Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life" by
Richard Florida, Basic Books, New York, 2008, ISBN978-0-465-01809-3

See also Richard Florida's The Creative Class website.

MIT Sloan Management Review Video: "Value Creation, experiments and Why IT Does Matter", Michael Schrage

1. Jay Cousins and Tony Stewart: What is Business Process Design and Why Should I Care?, RivCom, Inc. Whitepaper, April 2002 (8 Pages)

2. Laury Verner (2004): The Challenge of Process Discovery, BP Trends, May 2004 (11 Pages)

Post a short bio and introduction in Sharepoint giving a
brief description of your background and career goals.

Download and Install Endnote Software

Download EndNote from the GSU library
Install and prepare to use it.

Download, unzip and then add this Endnote connection file for the GSU Library to your Endnote => Connections folder to have access to the GSU library from within Endnote proper.

Feb. 26 - March 4

Before Mar. 9th class

GSU Spring Break -- No Classes

Watch the Elluminate recorded tutorial on the SAP Sales Order Exercise

But there are readings and tutorials to be completed (seee below)

Download and watch (in Elluminate, the file will self start upon selections after download) SalesOrder-SAP.jar

Install the SAP Client and Do the first set of tutorials

Go here to get the SAP client needed for your OS:

Macintosh OS X client (Zipped)

Windows Client (Zipped)

The SAP SalesOrder Exercise to be completed

F-Mar. 9

Managing Enterprise Scale Information Systems Development- ERP Systems
ERP Hands On workshop

Guest Lecturers -- Sumantra Sarkar and Ahmed Awar

SAP - Process 1- Intro to SAP


See this SAP Video on how ERP is an end-to-end plan, sales, production, ship, bill system <== New after class (Select the "Watch this video" button to load the video.)


The SAP SalesOrder Exercise to be completed

F-Mar. 9

Business Processes Innovation

Process Lecture #2- Process Innovation





1. Clayton M. Christensen and Michael Overdorf: Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change, Harvard Business Review, March-April 2000. (10 Pages).

2. Stephen M. Shapiro: The 7R’s of Process Innovation, The 24/7 Innovation Thought Leadership Series, 2002. (3 Pages)

3. Case: Managing Innovation at Nypro, Inc. (A), Harvard Business School, 9-696-061, 1998. (13 Pages)



F - Mar 16

Managing Enterprise Scale Information Systems Development- ERP Systems
Continuation of an ERP Simulation - Hands On

Managing the Sourcing of ISD - or- Information Systems Management

Project Management tools/methods in an ERP context

Case: "Siemens Power Corporation: Surviving R3", S. G. Hirt , May 13, 1999 (publicaly available via Google Scholar)

Case:C. Brown & I. Vessey, NIBCO's "Big Bang", Indiana Univ. Teaching case , 2000.

Epilogue and questions for NIBCO

The second Eluminate video on Purchasing

To be completed independently: A Second SAP-Purchasing Exercise

Write up #1: NIBCO & Seimans ERP Implementation questions

W - 21st

Business Processes and Organizational Agility

"On-Demand" Information Systems and "On-Demand" Organizations

Process Lecture #3-Organizational Agility


1. Case: Dairy Farm Group – Redesign of Business Systems and Processes, The University of Hong Kong, 99/45 C.  (20 Pages)

2. Stephen H. Haeckel: "Adaptive Enterprise Design: the Sense-and-Respond Model" Planning Review 42 (23), 6-13, (May/June 1995) (9 Pages)

Write up #2: Process, Agility and On-demand

W - 28th

Business Processes and Organizational IT Infrastructures

Process enabled by IT

The Business IS Infrastructure

(Pearlson Ch 6) Strategy to architecture to Infrastructure

Case: "The Coming Commoditization of Processes", Thomas Davenport, Harvard Business Review, June 2005, pp.2-8.

Article: Tom Davenport, “IT as an Enabler of Process Innovation” (Chapter 3) in Process Innovation, 1992, 39-69 [only pp. 44-66 are required reading] NOTE: This is listed on the site as item 4.1 Process Innovation

Write up #3: Process Innovation and the Role of ICT






Final Exam Due by midday Thursday April 5th 2012

Read this for the exam preparation: Schrage "Why IT Matters"