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PMBA 8125 – Spring 2014



General Instructions (revised: Jan, 21 2014)


Teams:  Team assignments are to be completed by your normal cohort teams. There are four teams assignment responsibilities this semester.
1) You will be responsible for one Team-led discussion of two or more articles or cases in class.
2) A final project presentation OR debate presentation
3) providing detailed feed back for one other teams's Team-Led discussion session
4) critiquing all other team's final project presentations

I. Team-Led Discussion Instructions -- Leading Case and Article Discussions. (Class time allowed 40-45 minutes including Q&A time. )

Successful class discussion of a case or of articles is one where class members find that they learned more about the case or article(s) and had a clearer and more nuanced understanding of the issues and options management faces than they had by reading and analyzing the case or article alone. Conducting successful class discussion is quite a challenge. It requires knowing the case and articles intimately and well and having done contextual analysis to deepen your own understanding before guiding others in a discussion. It involves submerging your own ego and ideas in favor of allowing for an emergent discovery of issues, and options coming from within the class discussion body itself. It required being sure all the class is engaged and involved in the discussion.

For one-half a class session your team will be responsible for guiding the class discussion of two or more articles or a management case assigned for analysis and discussion on that class session. Note that in providing discussion leadership you are not presenters of the case or article. Your job is to provide an environment to allow and encourage the class to discuss nd come up with insights and greater understanding than any individual might has gotten alone in the case reading and analysis.

This means that when it is your time as the discussion leader (team) you are to lead a cogent engaged discussion of the case. This requires that you will need to know the case/article inside out. You will have had to do have completed a table-driven exercise yourselves to prepare. You will show your table at the end of the discussion session. But, and this is a *BIG BUT*, this is NOT show and tell presentation. You need to offer leading questions, follow up replies, small group discussion exercises and other activities to engage the class in a common journey of discovery discussion on the case.

You may provide a synopsis. Offer leading questions. Use voting or other techniques to engage the class.

At the end of the discussion a second team will provide an form and provide feedback as to your team's discussion leadership.

Your deliverable, beside a stellar discussion leadership includes:

1) Your team's table-driven analysis
2) A write up derived from that analysis
3) Copy(ies) ny materials exercises or slides you may have used in class during your discussion leadership.


Deliverable and Delivery Method:  Annotated Power point slides and any word documents or other hand-outs provided in the presentation all posted to the course Desire-to-Learn class site on the day of your presentation. There must be a bibliography accompanying the presentation properly denoting all sources you used in your research.  The normal rules of academic integrity and plagiarism apply.

Topic:  Given your chosen topic begin research as soon as possible.  By the third class please submit a précis of the topic wherein you describe the topic and make it clear how you will bound the discussion so that it is sufficient in depth but manageable and not too comprehensive. 

Presentation:  The presentation will be only 25 minutes in length tops, including question time.  So your goal will not be to layout all you have learnt or researched but to extract and summarize elements

Potential Topics:

You believe to be of value and relevance to other managers.


Debate: (45 minutes) The order of the debate will be:

  1. Pro-side presents (10 minutes),
  2. Con-side rebuttal (7 minutes)
  3. Pro-side reply (3 minutes)
  4. Reverse Con-pro-con
  5. Each team summarizes (1 minute)
  6. Questions- from the floor- (time permitting)

Debate Topic: "Be it resolved that Crowd Sourcing and CLoud Solutions Present Unacceptable Risks to Business Operations"