Course Schedule 
(revised Oct. 5, 2014)

Session Topic & Lecture Readings Deliverable (student's choice of any two write-ups-from a field of seven topics)

Aug. 23




The Digital Age and Global Competition: What is the digital component of...? Information technology, digitization and globalization

Introduction and course orientation

Global Implications of ICT

Business, organization and IS strategy overview

Organizing course deliverables discussion:
1) Table Driven analysis
2) Team discussion leadership
3) Team projects topics

All reading s are available on the, website with the course password PMA15​.

Read before 1st class:
"Code Red" A trauma team to the rescue of the Affordable Health Care Act Marketplace, Time Magazine, March 2014.

Take a look at this three minute video on T-Mobil and big data

Pre test of IS Concepts

Class discussion:
"Code Red" questions for discussion.

Projects & Teams

Teams: 2015-Alpharetta Cohort

Instructions: Team Assignments and Projects

Team-led discussion & Team Project Assignments and schedule





Business Process Perspective

Video: MIT Sloan Management Review "Value Creation, experiments and Why IT Does Matter", featuring Michael Schrage

IS & Organizational Strategy

A Business Process Perspective


1. M. Schrage "Value creation, experiments and Why IT Does matter.", MIT SLoan Management Review.

2. Michael. Porter, "Strategy and the Internet" Harvard Business Review, March 2001, pp 63-78.

Delta Airlines Case Study:
1) "E-Business at Delta Air Lines: Extracting Value from a Multi-Faceted Approach"
and 2) EA Operating Model

3. Jay Cousins and Tony Stewart: What is Business Process Design and Why Should I Care?, RivCom, Inc. Whitepaper, April 2002 (8 Pages)

4. Laury Verner (2004): The Challenge of Process Discovery, BP Trends, May 2004 (11 Pages)

TLD A: Truex led discussion: Porter & Schrage

TLD B: Truex led discussion: Porter & Stewart, and Verner articles.


Class Exercise: On The Internet Value Creation and Process Design


IS Business Process Perspective -2

Process Lecture #2- Process Innovation

"On-Demand" IS & "On-Demand" Organizations

Process enabled by IT


1. Stephen H. Haeckel: Leading on demand business – Executives as architects, IBM Systems Journal, 42(3), 2003. (9 Pages) <== available from the site

2. Clayton M. Christensen and Michael Overdorf: Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change, Harvard Business Review, March-April 2000. (10 Pages).

3. Stephen M. Shapiro: The 7R’s of Process Innovation, The 24/7 Innovation Thought Leadership Series, 2002. (3 Pages)

4. Case: Managing Innovation at Nypro, Inc. (A), Harvard Business School, 9-696-061, 1998. (13 Pages)


I. Team Project Precis due

TLD-Feedback form -MS.doc download (each team member should download, print and bring the form to class)

TLD 1: Team -''Rezolve"
TLD Eval & Feedback (FB) Team 1: "4 Eyes"






Oct 4

IS & Process Integration -- ERP Systems

SAP - Process 1- Intro to SAP

In-Class review of the project precis

Watch this 6 minute SAP Video on how ERP is an end-to-end plan, sales, production, ship, bill system <== Select the "View Documnet" button to load the video.

Before-class reading ==> "Enterprise Systems" El Amrani, R. and D. Truex (2013) Enterprise Systems, in Encyclopedia of Management Information Systems, vol. 7. Edited by D. Straub and R. Welke, pp. 213. Chichester: Wiley.

Mukherji, R., C. Egyhazy, et al. (2002). "Architecture for a large healthcare information System." IT Professional 4(6): 19-27. • Gruman, G. (2006). "SOA Pioneer Goes the Distance." InfoWorld 28(2): 25-28.


Accessing Skillsoft Exercises and Skillport at GSU


SkillPort Exercise 1: Overview of SAP Solutions

Bring your Team Project Precis to class for discussion with the Professor


Oct 18


NIBCO Case epilogue




1. Case: "Siemens Power Corporation: Surviving R3", S. G. Hirt , May 13, 1999 (publicaly available via Google Scholar)

2. Case: C. Brown & I. Vessey, "NIBCO's 'Big Bang' ", Indiana Univ. Teaching case , 2000.

Individaul Deliverable: Table-led analysis due

TLD 2: Team "4 Eyesº"
Feed Back Team 2: "Rezolve"

Nov 1

Information Systems Development (ISD) - Managing the conversion of business processes knowledge into digital forms

Information SystemsDevelopment

Emergent ISD - Emergent ISD


Managing the Sourcing of ISD, or Information Systems Management

Global Sourcing 2011

Online Content:Gallaugher (Chapter 10)
"Software in Flux, Partly Cloudy and Sometimes Free"

Article: "A Relationship Perspective on IT Outsourcing", Kishore et al Communications of the ACM December, v. 46, #122003

Article: "Why Nearsourcing Means that Distance Matters", E. Carmel and P. Abbott, Communications of the ACM, v. 50 #10

"Offshore Outsourcing at Worldspan," by James Nelson and Eph McLean (with permission)

SkillPort Exercise 2: Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Preparing to Manage an Outsourced Project

In-Class Exercise: Return to "Code Red" Affordable HealthCare Act Software for an in-class exercise and articles- Using the HealthCare webSite debacle as an example

  1. ISD Exercise Instructions
  2. Article 1 BusinessWeek
  3. Article 2 CNN
  4. Article 3 Chang Blog
  5. Article 4 Biggest IT failure ever?

TLD 3: Team "Jalwa 360º"
Feed Back Team 3: "Summit"



review before class => Security Issues: a reminder

Ethical Management of Information Systems Privacy and Security

IT Security


Cyber Gold article, “Gold Rush: Online payment systems like e-gold Ltd. Are becoming the currency of choice for cybercrooks”, BusinessWeek, Jan 9 2006.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: "Facebook Sells Your Friends"

1. HBR article: "What Was Privacy?", by Lew McCreary, Harvard Business review, October 2008 (R0819)

2. "We Googled You", by Diane Coutu, HBR case and commentatry,June 2007, #R0706A

3. "When Hackers Turn to Blackmail", by Caroline Eisenmann, HBR Case study and commentary, October 2009, #R0910B


SkillPort Exercise 3: Introduction to Information Security


TLD 4: Team "Summit"
Feed Back Team 4: "Jalwa 360º"


Dec 6

Projects Presentations, Course wrap up and Exam


Presentations and Closure

1. Team project instructions, including the deliverable submsision instructions.

2. Project evaluation form
Topic Presentatons and/or debate:


Presenting Team

Evaluating Team

Big Data



Data Privacy in a 'Cloud' Envionment

  4 Eyes

  Jalwa 360

Social Media & Social Business

  Jalwa 360º


Mobility &IT Infrastructures


4 Eyes