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                                                                   CIS 9320: Design Research Methods in Information Systems
                                                                                                     Fall 2008

The course develops skills needed for conducting research whose aim is to invent methods and techniques that make information systems more effective and efficient. Students will also acquire skills in developing research proposals that follow the design research paradigm and will learn how to publish such research.

The course develops skills for implementing and evaluating the techniques and methods that are used in the various phases of design research. After an exposure to the characteristics that differentiate design research from other types of research, research methods and techniques used in the various phases of such research will be discussed in the context of exemplars of such research. The exemplars will be from a number of information systems areas such as software engineering, data base and knowledge base systems, and communication systems.

At the conclusion of the course, student should be able to:
        Define and describe the essential characteristics of design research and to differentiate it from other types of research;
        Discuss in oral and written form the key ideas and intellectual currents underlying design research and its methods;
        Present a well-developed argument, in written and oral forms, for the importance of a selected research topic within the theme of the course (design research) and articulate a proposal for studying the research area.
        Conduct design research and write a paper that with refinement could be submitted to a scholarly conference and expanded into a journal submission.